Guide – Photographe depuis plus de 25 ans,
Professeur à l’Ecole Nationale de l’Alpinisme,
il est toujours au rendez vous des plus beaux moments
que nous offre les lumières du Massif du Mont-Blanc.

Jean-François HAGENMULLER is a mountain guide and professor at the National School of Skiing and Mountaineering in Chamonix.

He is also a photographer: his images of the world's mountains, beyond their aesthetic quality, have the distinction of being one of a kind. As a photographer and a guide, he has an intimate and daily contact with the mountains. In his drive to reach dizzying heights combined with his passion for photography, he captures images dominated by an intensity of light at high altitude that balance with esthetic shapes and texture.

Having always been passionate about photography, he went semi-pro in 1995 and publishes regularly books, posters, postcards, calendars and articles in various magazines. His primary partners are Glénat editions, the magazine Mountain Magazine, the Chamonix tourist office and Gamma Rapho photo agency in Paris. Gallery "Photography Alpine» exposes and sells his photographic prints in black and white, and color prints in Chamonix.