Quality photographic prints

For over 100 years, Alpine Photo has produced and sold photographic prints. This experience allows us to guarantee consistent high quality photographic prints. Production of the prints is carried out by specialized and experienced professionals. Each print is carefully checked before delivery.

The Paper Type

The paper weight is adapted to the product and support. It can range from 280g to 330g. We also adapt the texture of the photographic paper to product types. For example, the Tairraz black and white prints are made from a beaded textured paper that limits glare, and provides excellent mastery of grayscale. The color photographs are printed on paper that has more of a glossy texture. The adaptation of paper for various photographs is the result of a long experience in the photo industry. We can also offer you different types of paper to suit your taste, along with a customized frame. The colors of our prints are guaranteed to last 100 years without fading.

Dimensions of photographs and frames

The dimensions of our products are standard. For each picture, a description of the dimensions is available as a thumbnail. These dimensions are approximate +/- 1cm. We can customize photographic prints with a corresponding frame. For that, please send us your request.

Our frames

Our frames are made by pro framers. The moldings are in solid wood, except our aluminum moldings. We do not sell plastic molding. Our frames are all equipped with fasteners making them ready to install. The ties make it easy to adjust the evenness of your frame. Our rustic wooden frames are made from the wood available. The colors may vary slightly from one frame to another and from what is visible online. In case you order more than one print with a wooden frame, we strive to harmonize the color of frames between them.

Our laminations

The laminates are made on 10mm MDF. Some of our products are beveled. The rolling of the field can be white or black depending on the selected photo. Rolled plates are protected from external aggression and slightly "washable" in case of any damages.

Aluminum Mounting on Alu Dibond

Alu Dibond are made of 3mm plates. An aluminum frame profile is added to stiffen the assembly. Fasteners are mounted on the back or on the chassis in order to hang the picture without any difficulty.

Viewing images on the Web

The watermark, "Photo Alpine", which appears on the pictures of our website, aims to protect our copyright. It does not appear in the photographs and posters that will be delivered to you. The actual colors of our impressions may vary slightly from the site because of the visualization on your screen.


Shipping charges are calculated at the end of the order according to the shipping address. Shipping charges include the packaging that is specific to the frame ordered, insurance, and handling charges. Products in stock are shipped within 1-2 days. Custom-made products are shipped within 12 days. Shipping time for France is 48 hours, 4 to 15 days for Europe, and for the rest of the world from 10 to 21 days. These times are indicative.

Although great care is taken to protect the products for shipping, the client must verify the contents of the package upon delivery. If the package is damaged, it must be refused. A package that was accepted for delivery, cannot be subject to refund.

Store Location

Our store is located at 162 Avenue Michel Croz in the center of Chamonix.

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